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Selected Student Projects

Thesis Projects

Outcomes of Master and Bachelor theses at our group.

Data Visualization Course

Here we list some of the student projects from the Data Visualization course.


  • Expanding your portfolio with Sneakers Casper Hogenboom

    Are you looking for an alternative way to enrich your portfolio? Step into the world of the sneaker business, and plan out your technical strategies. In this project, a dataset from the website StockX is explored to give an insight into what time it is best to buy or sell.

  • High-Dimensionality Data Exploration to Reveal Features Underlying Disease Skyler Roth

    Some disease predictors are inaccurate in distinguishing a pre-disease population. Unsupervised learning allows for clustering of medical data without need of a disease predictor. This tool allows for analysis of high dimensional patient data and exploration of patient grouping into diseased, at-risk, and healthy populations as derived from unsupervised methods. These methods can be altered quickly, providing rapid analysis of the clusters and insight into novel biomarkers underlying disease.

  • Facebook Messages Steffen Strunge Mathiesen

    Facebook Messenger makes it easy to send and receive messages between your friends, and you can create group chats to keep in touch with many people at once. But Facebook does not provide a way of searching for patterns or trends in your messaging data. In this project, I create a visualisation of my own Facebook Messenger data that allows for overview and details on demand by filtering the data set and finding trends based on contact, timeframe, conversation type, month, weekday or hour.

  • Language Correlation in Open Source Jesper Brink Andersen, Mikkel Bak Bertelsen, Mikkel Hørby Schou

    This visualization helps to explore how different languages are connected to each other on Github. This is done by having a matrix representation showing the deviation from the expected value, and a chord diagram visualising the amount of connections between each language. We make a connection between language A and language B, if a user on Github has a repo with A and another repo with B.

  • What's going on in German Government? Niklas Müller, Nils Simon

    This project aims to shed light into the matters of the German Bundestag by presenting the voting outcome for each parliament session since 2007 in a visually analyzable way. It allows comparing the voting behavior of the parties against each other and over time.

  • Displacing Germany: A Look at Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Harshit Mahapatra, Tomas Mota, Maximilian Scheid

    Around 10 million people were abducted from Africa and shipped to the Americas between the years 1510 to 1860 as part of the transatlantic slave trade. This amounted to one percent of the world's total population in 1800. Today, the same would be analogous to displacing entire country of Germany. Our project is an attempt to visualise the involved voyages both on an aggregate and detailed level to shed some light on the human element of the egregious events of the past.

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